Friday, April 23, 2010

Preparing for the Illustrator's Academy

With about three weeks left, I've been working hard on my homework assignment for the Illustrator's Academy. The assignment is to create three consecutive pages from an illustrated story - it can be an original story or an interpretation of an existing story.

I'm using an original story idea I've been thinking about for sometime. It's been fun, and challenging. I feel as if I'm creating a book from scratch and I have three weeks to do it. Every free moment I have, I've been working on it. At this stage, I roughed out several sketches, although I'm only posting a few here because the others still need some more work. I've even managed to write the text for the first several pages.

In a week or so, I hope I will have inked, and begun the painting process.

So, what do you think? Does the main character look consistent in each illustration? What about compositions?

This is such a wonderful opportunity because Illustrator Matt Phelan, and Art Director (Candlewick), and Illustrator David Costello and Editor (Charlesbridge) Yolanda LeRoy will be on the committee and will discuss the homework during the workshop. Will they like it? Am I showing what I am truly capable of? Could this possibly lead to future opportunities? Hmmm... oh the possibilities!


  1. The top one is my favorite, the teddy bear is amazing. I am a big fan of some of your animal drawings as well as your people work. Good luck with the Illustrator Academy, I wished I signed up for that too!

  2. Looks great, Michelle, and now I want to know the story! I'm working on my three pages as well, and will post them on my blog soon-ish.

    See you at the conference!

  3. I love the top one too. Great work Michelle. I'm excited for you to go through this process, even without all the A-list eyes on it at the conference. ;)

  4. These look great, the dancing one is nice. Movement can be hard to show naturally but you did it nicely. I clicked on the link about the Illustration Academy and I'm curious as to what your attending. It looks like everything they offer is really great.

  5. I really like the perspective of the top one and her expression.

  6. Kate, the Illustrator's Academy is part of the NE-SCBWI Conference coming up in May. It is really quite a good conference!