Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Character
Please excuse my blog crashing...I'm adding a short blog today to make up for the blog I missed posting
while I was working in
New York.

Lately I've been thinking about capturing
a likeness in a subject and all that entails.

That's inspired me to practice what I used to do on a regular basis-caricatures. Boy, am I rusty! Never the less, I'm posting one of my brother Razz that I did a few days ago. FYI-The side appendages are his hat flaps, not his ears. Last I checked, he's still speaking to me:) (A fringe hazard for the caricature artist is ticking people off)
- Just a quick hello from my drawing board to yours! May all your pencils be sharp and your paper Fabriano.
Ciao Amici! Angela

Friday, January 28, 2011


One of our SLC members, Vita, has an adorable, sweet dog named Sam. I had just received my order of new printmaking inks, so I thought I'd use Sam as the model for my next print.

After planning colors and transferring the image to the block (on right), I cut away the areas that will remain white.Next I mixed up the gray background color.

And printed the first layer for an edition of 22.
Next is the yellow ochre layer.

Then a darker tone of yellow ochre and burnt umber mixed together.
I finished with a layer of dark brown.

I hope Sam likes his portrait!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Repeat Fun

This is some work I did for the Sketchbook Project. It was fun trying out a repeat design in Photoshop--not something I normally do. My theme was "Jackets, Blankets, and Sheets." The above became a blanket traveling with the elephant.

You can see more work from my sketchbook here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New: Jenn Ski

Hello everyone, my name is Jenn Ski and I'm the newest member. I'm so happy to have found this group! I think being part of a group like this really encourages creativity.


1. What’s your illustration background?
I have a BFA in Graphic Design from UMass. In school I mainly worked with type and layouts. I hardly ever created any illustrations - I was even told by my internship sponsor that I didn't have what it takes to be an illustrator!

After I graduated I realized that GD wasn't really for me, so I began sketching abstract shapes, which later morphed into animals. The ABC image below was my first experiment.

2. Where do you live? I live in a fabulous 50's home in NH. I spent 2 years looking for it and I think it was well worth the wait. I live there with my husband, Al, and our cat, Floyd.

3. What are your sources of inspiration?
I love picking up vintage illustration books, wrapping paper, fabric... Also a lot of my work is inspired by cells, seeds, pods and whatnot.

4. What are your favorite techniques?
When I started my abstract paintings I worked with cut paper on harboard, but now I do almost everything digitally. I use scanned paper and fabric for texture.

5. Do you have a favorite food?
I love Vietnamese food! Pho Ga, mmm...

6. What’s your most productive time of the day?
I'm a night-owl.

7. Do you have a favorite place?
I love being outside gardening around my home. This past year I planted over 200 bulbs, I can't wait for spring!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Meeting

This past weekend the ladies of Smells Like Crayons came over to my place and we had our first meeting of 2011. (I'm impressed that we all fit comfortably in my tiny apartment - yay!) For the first time we introduced a little wine into our get togethers (whoo hoo!), we ate a whole lot (thanks girls for bringing so much!), and we chatted and looked at some great art. We started out the year by talking about our artistic/professional goals for this year - everyone is thinking so ambitiously and I'm really impressed with what was listed (there's something to be said about accountability!)... from sending out more postcards, to opening etsy shops, taking more classes, and working on writing... the lists go on and on. Its gonna be a good year!

My tiny living room... thank goodness I have a lot of chairs.

Snack time!

Talking about art.

Nicole's gorgeous ring!

Jenn's bad-ass ring!

Our alumna Gina came for a visit!

Jen showing some sketches.

Birds-eye view.... Sam loved having you ladies over.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Deja Vu

This picture was not intended for Illustration Friday's prompt "Deja Vu" but it represents a constant reminder of how I haven't been working on my illustrations lately. I did it months ago, and it greets me whenever I walk into my studio. I have been painting and crafting but feel out of touch with my fellow illustrators and illustration. The kick in the pants at this time of year is usually pre-registering for the SCBWI-NE conference, but I haven't even renewed my membership! The holidays though enjoyable can be draining and I am still trying to feel like I am back in the swing of things. I think what I need to do is make a list now of all the things that really stress me out around the season and be determined to do it all different so I don't experience you know what next year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready for cocoa

Remember the days of playing in the snow until everything was wet through and one's fingers felt frozen. We even used to put bread bags over our socks before we put our boots on, as it was supposed to keep our feet drier. I'm not sure it helped much. This little girl is ready
to head in and enjoy some hot cocoa.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Illustration Friday - Resolution

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to complete the Sketchbook Project. I will be working on it intensely to meet the deadline. I'd love to hear from you if you are doing the project. Here are a few more pages:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deep Water

Happy New Year, Companion Illustrators! I'm neck deep in an ocean-themed mural right now, and I'm loving the challenge. The format is about 8 feet x 8ft. It will function as a grand-size headboard. The sea goddess is a bit of an homage to Art Nouveau with a little steam punk thrown in eventually. I'm hoping you're all snuggled up to your drawing boards and creating more wonderful stuff. Hope to see more of you all and your inspiring work in the new year. Cheers!-Angela