Friday, January 28, 2011


One of our SLC members, Vita, has an adorable, sweet dog named Sam. I had just received my order of new printmaking inks, so I thought I'd use Sam as the model for my next print.

After planning colors and transferring the image to the block (on right), I cut away the areas that will remain white.Next I mixed up the gray background color.

And printed the first layer for an edition of 22.
Next is the yellow ochre layer.

Then a darker tone of yellow ochre and burnt umber mixed together.
I finished with a layer of dark brown.

I hope Sam likes his portrait!


  1. I think he will love it!!! :) Beautiful!!!

  2. JANE!! This is fantastic! It came out beautiful. I love your color choices, too.

  3. Jane its WONDERFUL! My boy is so handsome :) Thank you!!

  4. I love to see the step by step, I agree with Sarah on the color choices. Love him!