Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Character
Please excuse my blog crashing...I'm adding a short blog today to make up for the blog I missed posting
while I was working in
New York.

Lately I've been thinking about capturing
a likeness in a subject and all that entails.

That's inspired me to practice what I used to do on a regular basis-caricatures. Boy, am I rusty! Never the less, I'm posting one of my brother Razz that I did a few days ago. FYI-The side appendages are his hat flaps, not his ears. Last I checked, he's still speaking to me:) (A fringe hazard for the caricature artist is ticking people off)
- Just a quick hello from my drawing board to yours! May all your pencils be sharp and your paper Fabriano.
Ciao Amici! Angela


  1. Angela, I love this! You certainly have captured his likeness. At first I thought they were ears, too, but now I see the flaps and it makes the portrait playful. Well done. Maybe I'll have to take some lessons from you!

  2. Your brother has great cheekbones--a great face to draw!! Your drawing skills are strong. I like your decisive lines. I also thought the hat flaps added humor. Nice!