Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Meeting

This past weekend the ladies of Smells Like Crayons came over to my place and we had our first meeting of 2011. (I'm impressed that we all fit comfortably in my tiny apartment - yay!) For the first time we introduced a little wine into our get togethers (whoo hoo!), we ate a whole lot (thanks girls for bringing so much!), and we chatted and looked at some great art. We started out the year by talking about our artistic/professional goals for this year - everyone is thinking so ambitiously and I'm really impressed with what was listed (there's something to be said about accountability!)... from sending out more postcards, to opening etsy shops, taking more classes, and working on writing... the lists go on and on. Its gonna be a good year!

My tiny living room... thank goodness I have a lot of chairs.

Snack time!

Talking about art.

Nicole's gorgeous ring!

Jenn's bad-ass ring!

Our alumna Gina came for a visit!

Jen showing some sketches.

Birds-eye view.... Sam loved having you ladies over.


  1. I had a great time and enjoyed some much needed illustrator chat. Thanks ladies for all the great feedback and inspiration!

  2. Hopefully by this time next year we will have some awesome success stories to report! Writing down goals is a good starting point(my block printing inks arrived in the mail today---I'm ready to start some new projects)!

  3. That meeting so helped me, I've been an art making machine!