Monday, June 7, 2010

Painting on Wood and Recycled Pouch

I have been experimenting with painting on wood. It takes some getting used to.

The octopus is my latest little painting. On the right is a piece of bristol where I test out colors. On the left is some inspiration--a cool little zippered pouch made by Blue Q of 95% recycled material. I bought it this weekend at Blick. A little research and I found that the artwork of illustrator Colin Johnson was used. Ironically, he works on wood! The art on this pouch, in fact, was from a mixed media piece done on wood. I don't know how the art was printed onto the "recycled woven materials" or what the woven materials are exactly or what the shiny coating is. I would really like to know, though. Anyone know?

Here is a detail.:

I love it!
My painting on the other hand...well I still need to figure out this painting-on-wood thing. Next time I know I need to sand it smooth (thanks, Matte!).
We'll see where this goes. In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for more inspiration. Join me?


  1. Yes. Do keep us posted! I'm VERY curious. Interesting that you used something for inspiration that is so different from your style. Was it for color inspiration? I love your happy little octopus! I'm also interested in exactly why you are painting on wood. Looks wonderful!

  2. I LOVE it! (And very cool pouch!!) It's so exciting to see you branching out and experimenting Ann Marie!!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Marion and Michelle!

    Michelle - I'll bring the pouch next time we meet so you can see it...maybe the painting, too..haha!

    Marion - I was inspired by the color and the way he collaged elements together. Painting on wood is something I have wanted to try since seeing the work of Matte Stephens and Susie Ghahremani at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. They both paint in gouache on wood. I thought it would be cool to be able to hang pieces without having to cover them in glass. Also, our group is having an exhibit this July and I thought it would be a good time to try this.