Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The printmaking class I've been taking has come to and end, and here's the last print I did - a robot! It is my first screenprint, and out of all the techniques I learned in this class, screenprinting is my favorite. (And I smartened up this time and used fewer colors.) I'm seriously considering investing in a screen of my own, though the only place I have to clean it would be in my bathtub and I'm not crazy about the idea....


  1. It makes sense that this would be your favorite. It fits your style! Digging this color palette!! Loving all the little details!!

  2. It looks great! I always love the slightly off-set colors of screen printing. I've got one of those simple screen printing kits, still in it's box, if you want it. I "needed" it a few years ago but never opened it. It's yours if you want!

  3. That last outline layer really pulled it all together! I'm missing our printmaking class--it's not as fun printing at home and having to use the dining room table as a work space.