Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Might Be Good to Have Eight Arms

Oh no! My apologies!! I missed my turn to blog yesterday. Too much excitement this week!.

Thursday I had a deadline to submit a manuscript for a picture book writing class I'm taking at Grub Street with Beth Raisner Glass. I wrote a story about my dog (you know, the pancake) and I can't wait to start storyboarding it. I'm so happy to have discovered Grub Street!

Tuesday evening I attended a screening of Library of the Early Mind. It was an inspiring and intriguing look at the world of children's books from the viewpoints of authors and illustrators. After the film, there was a lively panel discussion, food, and a book signing. If you haven't been yet, I recommend it. It is traveling to cities all over the U.S.

As if my week wasn't inspiring enough, on Friday I visited Lilla Rogers Studio. She had an event for art directors, art buyers, designers, etc. to showcase new work. It was great fun. If you want to read more, I blogged about it here.


  1. I love the little hat on this octopus! She is adorable! You've really had a busy week! It sounds so inspirational! I'd like to see Library of the Early Mind... eventually. Just too crazy right now. But I checked out the trailer and it looks very interesting. Glad to hear Grub St. is fun! Can't wait to see the storyboards!

  2. Adorable sketch Ann Marie - good luck with the class, sounds exciting!