Monday, December 6, 2010

Illustration Friday - Prehistoric

Ella knew that her mother would not understand.   She would come up with some motherly words of wisdom like "Ella, we don't bring stray mammoth's home with us, do we dear?" or "How would you feel if you were a mammoth; would you want to be trapped inside or allowed to roam free?"  She said the very same thing last week when Ella brought home a lizard she found on her way home from school.   But this was different.  How could she possibly turn Rocky away?  He was so fuzzy and cute.  It's not every day a kid finds an actual mammoth.  Especially since they are supposed to be prehistoric or something.  Now... if she could just fit him in her closet.

To see to original sketch, click here.


  1. lovely illustration with a nice story!:-)

  2. Sounds like a story here! I wonder what mom will REALLY say. Charming illustration!! That mammoth looks pretty friendly. Who wouldn't want to take him home?