Friday, August 20, 2010

When Illustrations Become 3-D...

As some of you may know, I work full time as a graphic illustrator for a company in MA. We create all the graphics for items sold at college bookstores. If an item has a college name on it, chances are we had a hand in creating it! (Unless it's clothing.)
Anyway, few months ago, I had to design a dragon bobblehead from scratch for Suny College Cortland. Below is my design (created in Illustrator with the company info blurred out):

I thought I'd never see the thing again...until yesterday when a sample showed up at our office! It was soooo weird to see the factory's 3-D translation of my drawing. My coworker helped me hastily take photos of it on her iPhone before we had to ship it out to the customer for approval. I thought I'd share the outcome:

Kind of weird and cool!


  1. That is ridiculously cool!!! How exciting! Yay Nicole!

  2. Thanks! (o: I just wish I could've kept one! I did second bobblehead some time ago...that one was a Saint Bernard. I hope I get to see that one too!

  3. Love it!!!!! Glad you got pictures.
    Very cool indeed!!!!!