Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well, what was is it they said about that famous road that's paved with good intentions?

I had tons of them regarding how much I'd get done this summer!
Five rooms -all under construction (that we're doing ourselves) has not left me a moment for summer illustrating. Instead, I'm surrounded by walls of boxes as they return from our rented storage space to be sorted and ut into place.
I'm boxed in.
The good news is that soon, my daughter's murals will be done and I will finally have a new art room for illustrating, costume design and painting/sculpting!
This sketch is from my spring book dummy and pretty much captures what I'm doing right now.

copyright Angela Lucido 4/2010
It's a race to the finish-the first of September !
Happy Last Breath of Summer, All!-Angela Lucido

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  1. That sketch is perfect for your post! Sounds like the construction is winding down? Hope you post pictures of your new studio!! Good luck with everything!!!