Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sharing a Couple of Things

I have been testing out colors for a project I am working on. While doing this I got a phone call from my son and I kept painting around my little experiments while I talked with him. I find the process of these so enjoyable and as I may have mentioned previously, my goal is to have my finished work be closer in feeling to my experimental stuff. I think of these painted sketches as warm-ups before I start a project. What do you do as a warm-up?

On another topic, last night I had a meeting with my Smells Like Crayons group. One cool thing about these meetings is that we share pertinent info about the world of illustration. I thought I would share a little gem with you fellow illustrators out there. Michelle told us about The Sketchbook Project. You can enter for $25 and you receive a Moleskine book which you fill according to one of the themes listed on the site. Then your book becomes part of the Brooklyn Art Library's permanent collection with a unique bar code and everything. These sketchbooks get to tour the US and will be exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the country. If you want to do it for this go around, the deadline to submit your completed sketchbook is January 15, 2011. If you decide to do it, it would be great to hear from you!


  1. What a fun piece you created Ann Marie. It's weird. I don't usually doodle. I think it's too hard for me to concentrate on more than one thing. But I love what other artists, like yourself, create while doodling. This one is great!

    And I'm wicked excited to get my journal in the mail. It should be here any day now. Are you thinking of doing it too? It'll be great practice!

  2. Thanks, Michelle!
    I can understand your excitement about the Sketchbook Project. I am thinking of doing it. It's true; it would be good exercise and it's a cool project...still...I would have a hard time parting with the book forever. If I can justify it, I will jump in.