Friday, September 17, 2010

Hidden Pictures

This is a piece I did for a Hidden Pictures submission. Unfortunately, it wasn't accepted for publication. So it's back to the drawing board! It was a fun exercise trying to incorporate all the hidden images, and I'd like to complete a finished version for my own portfolio. Can you find the kite, book, car, ice skate, snake, fish, bird, hot dog, carrot, piece of pie, spoon, and boot?


  1. this is great! I'll have to try one of my own when I'm feeling up to a good challenge. Nice job, Jane!.

  2. I love it Jane! What a shame they didn't use it! My kids absolutely love these kinds of Hidden Pictures!

  3. I found the pie, car and spoon...I will have to finish playing another day! :) Great job on this, Jane!!