Friday, September 3, 2010

This girl's got moxie!

I'm working on a few sketches for a children's magazine (don't know if I can say which one right now, so I won't). This is one of the rejected sketches.  I think their response was "Cute, but too young."

I think she's fun and full of Moxie!   (Isn't "moxie" a great word?!)  I think I may keep her around, and find a story for her.  I bet she has loads of adventure stories to tell.


  1. I love her. I think her name is Moxie Cupcake and she has great adventures.

  2. That is a great name Jim!! And I agree, especially with a name like that ... how can she NOT have great adventures!

  3. With that cape and those goggles she's going someplace!! :)