Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final Projects

Another late post from yours truly. I apologize. Aside from working full time, I've been using every second of my day to finish all my portfolio pieces for class. The end of the semester is coming up fast. This should be very good news. However looking at the workload ahead of me, it feels ominous.
Tonight, I just wrapped up working on the design for a 3 CD set. The artist is my best friend, a musician who is currently living in Seattle. He's a singer/songwriter and pianist. I just sent the work off to my teacher for a critique. If you have any feedback or suggestions in the meantime, it would be much appreciated. I think that I've reached the point where I can't even judge my own work anymore. Here are my layouts. I had to shrink them down quite a bit, so the colors are looking off and the images are grainy. But I think you get the idea:

First CD

Second CD

Third CD

Can't wait to return to the living and see you all again once I graduate!!!


  1. I love seeing your design work Nicole!! The first 2 are my favorites.

  2. Thanks Vita! I'll be making a few changes per my teacher's advice, but this set is pretty much finished.

  3. Wow! They're fabulous, Nicole!!! The colors look really great to me (I especially like the colors in the top image). Your friend is lucky to have these to choose from.