Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My latest reduction print was inspired by Jenn Ski's handsome cat, Floyd. I used one 4" x 6" "easy cut" block and Akua inks. The white areas were cut out first, and then I printed the light orange tones, followed by layers of deeper orange, green, and brown. It's a labor-intensive medium as compared to making a drawing and adding watercolor, as I usually do, but I really enjoy the process and the unique qualities of a print.


  1. I like the prints, too! I like Floyd's little heart shape on his chest and his distinctive, "bearded" face. Ok...when will you do Dharma?

  2. Ann Marie-- find some good photos and I'd be happy to create a Dharma print

    Jenn---I'll get a print to you soon!

  3. Great job with this print, Jane! Keep it up. Actually, I bet you couldn't stop if you wanted to!