Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week I finally accomplished one of my goals for the year (though I've been thinking about this for a lot longer) - I have an etsy shop, lifewithsam! There are a few items up there now, with more to come. I've got gorgeous archival prints, great for babies and kids, and pretty cool letters that you can spell your child's name out with, or any phrase you please. Stop by and take a look, maybe add me to your favorites. I'm really excited about this, and of course nervous as well. Yay for summer adventures!

This concludes my shameless self-promotion for the day. Thank you.


  1. Vita, I'm so happy you're finally on Etsy! Your shop looks great. In fact, you've inspired me to pay attention to my own shop. I need a new banner, new work posted, etc. Maybe I'll get on that soon. (o;

  2. Looks great! I just finished school so I'd better get busy and open up a shop too.

  3. You're my hero. Love your stuff Vita!!