Monday, August 15, 2011

Magnetic garden

Working on a magnetic garden kit for Mudpuppy. I have to do a few backgrounds (this flower vase, a trellis, window box, and a garden) and then a bunch of interchangeable flowers.

As well as flowers I was thinking of adding in a little bee, a bird, or maybe even a little beetle. Can you guys think of any other little critters or objects I can add?


  1. How about a little green inch worm or a fuzzy caterpillar?

  2. These flowers are super cute, Jenn. I like the color of that "Morning Glory" looking piece. A lady bug is always an option, but are we bored of lady bugs yet? Another safe option would be a butterfly. I'm not sure if Mudpuppy goes the well traveled safe or trendy route. Otherwise I like your ideas and Jane's suggestions.