Friday, September 30, 2011


Hi all! I've been a "busy bee" in the past few weeks. I have an art fair coming up in November and need to start cranking out some work. Some of the items I make are bumble bee ornaments with celebrity faces. I thought I'd share a few images of the ones I've completed so far. They're minus wings and ribbon at the moment. You can see other completed bees (with side-views) in my online shop.

First up (L to R): artist Sal-bee-dor Dali (Salvador Dali), Beeopatra (Cleopatra), and actress Bee Arthur (Bea Arthur)

Next up: pop singer and tween heartthrob Justin Beeber (Justin Bieber) and writer Neil Stamen (Neil Gaiman)

And last but not least, host of Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Beelor (Garrison Keillor) and President Bee-rack Obama:

Happy Friday!

First up


  1. You do a great job capturing their likenesses! So clever!

  2. Thanks all! I wish I had photos of the side views. I still have to add wings and hanging ribbon, though. And my dad does my portfolio pics for me, so eventually I'll have better photos.

  3. I give these beeutiful ornaments a "Bee minus" ;D