Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magnet Open Art Project

Labor Day weekend there was some fun art stuff going on in Concord, NH. The Magnet Open Art Project had a call to artists to submit a piece to be turned into a magnet, and left in the big wide world for one night for anyone to take and enjoy (the artist got a copy of their work as well). So I submitted my work..... and heard nothing. Labor Day came and went and imagine my surprise when a thank you mass-email was sent out from the MOAP, thanking everyone for participating and including a link to photos from the evening. I clicked on the link and started perusing the photos, trying to see if I could find mine. The magnets in the photos were so many together, it was hard to tell what was what....then I scrolled down to the bottom and BAM! There's my Robot Love magnet, all by itself, in what I'd like to think is a place of honor :) See for yourself here. A Robot Love magnet of my very own now hangs proudly on my fridge. What a great idea this was, and next time I want to make sure to see it in person! I wonder who got my magnet....

1 comment:

  1. Love the robots! I participated in that too, but never made it up to Concord. You didn't happen to see a dragon eating out of a fridge magnet, did you? (o;