Friday, September 9, 2011

New Header

What have I been working on lately? Look above this post! It's the autumn Smells Like Crayon blog header, of course! Nothing says fall quite like crisp days, apples, and little critters preparing for the winter ahead. So, of course I had to paint a squirrel acorn-hunting in best his fall scarf!

My other big news is that I am the winner of the New Hampshire Public Radio art mug contest! My painting will be featured on the mugs which serve as thank-you gifts during the fall pledge drive. I was notified last month that my painting was selected. I went into the NHPR studios to turn in my artwork, get a tour, and do an interview for the week of the pledge drive. I was super excited (especially since I'm a huge NPR fan and supporter). So, if you are a listener, keep an ear out for me on the radio the week of the pledge drive in October. I'll keep the winning artwork secret until then.

This is the first September in 4 years that I'm not going back to college. (All graduated!) So, of course I signed up for weekend web workshops instead. Yep, I must be crazy. Other than that, I've been revamping the look of my Etsy shop and brainstorming my next illustrations. In the meantime, I hope you're all enjoying your September. Wishing you cool days and warm cider!


  1. Love the header and congratulations on your winnings!

  2. Congrats, Nicole!! Can't wait to see the art. That's very exciting. Great job on the header, too!!

  3. Thanks Jenn and Ann Marie! I'll be sure do post something during the pledge drive.