Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something I've Been Working On

Meet witch. She's a character I've been working on. I've thought about names, but haven't decided on one yet. Mostly I've been drawing her in different settings. I find her intriguing and fun to draw. I discover things about her each time I draw her. For example, in this drawing I discovered that she has a thing for fashion. The hat and scarf were ideas from The Sartorialist. Her pointed hat just wouldn't work in this New England winter. Too cold! (It's perfect for October, though.)

Here she is on a rainy September day in Boston:

Other things you may want to know about her:

She likes to tango and spend time at the spa. She is a chef.


  1. She's GREAT! Interesting reference too.

  2. Thanks, Marion! The Sartorialist is a fun blog.

  3. She is really developing nicely Ann Marie. I really like these drawings, and how they're on graph paper. Adds another little layer of interest. Makes me wonder about painting on some type of lined paper - have you tried that? Maybe a charcoal transfer on a gouache base?

  4. I think you're doing such a great job with this character Ann Marie. I love her chic look too. I can't wait to hear her story. (She DOES have a story!!)

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Gina - I want to know more about charcoal transfer!

    Michelle - Something might be cooking...

    Vita - >:D

  6. The Satorialist is one of my daily checks along with Garance Dore, his girlfriend, they are both fun. I can't wait for the witch story.