Monday, November 15, 2010


A year ago today was the start of the saddest week of my life. My Dad died suddenly, he wasn't the picture of health but I thought he'd be with us for a lot longer. My kids kept him young. My husband and I had the second batch of grandkids 15 years after the last. A few days before he died I posted a IF submission on my blog picturing my dad and my son Reid. I thought it would be oddly comforting to imagine what they would be doing if my dad was here today. Go Fish!


  1. I can see that they had a very special relationship. The way Reid's chair is tipping back is a great detail and I LOVE the expressive color!! I hope you can feel your dad smiling.

  2. That is really sweet. And sad. Sorry that you're without your dad. I'm sure he would have loved playing Go! Fish! with Reid.