Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday!

For today's post I thought I'd reach into the past and bring up a couple pieces of mine from my college portfolio, circa 1999... dunn dunn duuunnnnnnn! When I was in school (majored in illustration, naturally) I had a love for cut-paper. I still do, but obviously not as much. Looking at the Motown Chickens, and the Cows in front of Radio City Moo-sic Hall, I can't help but think that cut-paper was just a step along the way to me using the computer to render my illustrations - they both are about flat shapes. I used to sit at my drafting table for hours, cutting out pieces of paper with my x-acto blades, scrounging the art store for new colors, and playing with sponges and whatever I could get my hands on to create textures in acrylic paint on top of the cut paper, though sometimes I used pastel, and I did with the chickens here.

And even MORE foreshadowing.... just a year later I was one of the two thousand artists to paint a cow in the New York Cow Parade! But thats a story for another time...

Looking at my old art here, wow I miss doing this! Maybe I should start playing again with paper.... hmmmm.....


  1. Whoa, Vita! I looked at the images before I knew who posted today and tried to guess whose work it was and then thought maybe somebody posted another artist's work. I have to say it does have the liveliness and humor of your current work, though. Cool stuff! And those chickens made me laugh. The one holding the mike is just awesome.

  2. hahah thanks Ann Marie..... I wondered what kind of reaction I'd get :) I love the chickens too..... chicken divas!

  3. So different from the Vita of today - but I see the relationship. Esp. in the colors. That must have been VERY time consuming.