Monday, February 15, 2010

How can I improve my portfolio? Part II - Character Development/Color Studies

I'm pretty happy with scenes of the girl reading to her dog, as well as the Jedi Warrior adventure. I'm not really sure I'm satisfied with the scene of them running and of them hugging. I wanted to try to include some different vantage points, but I found the black a little tricky in these images.

Do the characters look consistent? Are any of these portfolio worthy? Hmmm. I may have to revisit these again in a few days.

This week I did character sketches, as well as a few color studies.
I'm going to go with the vibrant red/blue combo.


  1. Your little girl has a really nice sense of movement, her body language reads like a child's would, and you're able to stay simple with the faces. I think the continuity is there. On the one with the dog's face in the foreground, you might experiment with showing a little more of his face, I'm not sure why, but I keep going back to look at it.

  2. I also like the two you mentioned best. Your character studies are nicely done also. I agree with Jane about the way the dog is cropped. Showing more of the dog would feel better. You might even want to give the girl more breathing room. Have fun experimenting!