Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oops, my turn

I went to check the blog today and remembered it was my turn. I am going to call this, What am I going to do with you Wednesday. This is Lila Mae, she is a sheep (yes sheep, not bunny) that I made a poseable doll to draw from and had different outfits to dress her in, etc. and a story or two that went with her. She has not been a muse for a while, should she get packed away for good? The picture was made with a styrofoam print on black paper. Maybe the medium stays and the character goes.


  1. I really like this image - and technique. It still reads like you, but more formal, I suppose is the word... It would be nice to see how this same technique looks on lighter or white paper.

  2. I would be interested in seeing Lilla Mae (I like the name) developed further, especially since you've done the work of creating a poseable doll. Great coat! Did you sew that, too?