Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work in Progress

I showed the gals last night at our monthly meeting a black and white piece I'm working on, that I'm having some trouble with. I want to create a few vignettes in black and white to go along with my full color piece entitled "Crush". And I'm struggling with translating my nerdy girl character into something without color... I don't want to use too many shades of gray, especially in the skin, because I'm afraid she'll look like a corpse, but using linework doesn't seem so right either since my art in color doesn't use any ...

Here's Crush :

And what I showed them last night:
I got a lot of great suggestions, and I plan on working out several variations. Here's just one revision, with someone suggesting the lines of the arms and face be a lighter gray, so her black glasses really pop :
What do you think? Am I one the right path? Would all shades of gray be better, and I shouldn't worry about a corpse girl? Or should it be only linework, with no gray?


  1. Hi Vita,

    I think the gray lines for the arms work much better. Takes the focus off of the outstretched hand and back in to the face.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the corpse-skinned girl. Maintaining the solid shades of your style makes more sense than adding lines.

  2. I like the gray vs. black lines too. It doesn't read as 'corpse' in either version. I do keep catching on the gap b/w her arm and her shirt, maybe if it was tighter? Like where her neck meets her shirt? I think she looks cute in b&w. The other thing to think of is that rarely is paper as bright white as your screen, or even home office paper stock. That alone will soften her up.

  3. By the way, Vita, once you resolve this...I'd really like to see corpse girl.