Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I came up with a strange mix recently... a cat-bird. I was thinking of maybe making a series. Cat-fish? Could be awesome!

Also I started doing something on my blog called doodle of the day, I'm trying to get myself to make more stuff. It's actually kind of fun!

Also I've been redoing my studio, all the paneling has come down. It's been a major pain since I'm doing it all myself, but it will be such a wonderful space when I'm done. I'm keeping one large wall complete empty so I can start painting my paper/acrylic paintings again.


  1. Really great style! Good luck with the studio re-do. I just completed that project a few weeks ago. A true labor of love.

  2. You are on a roll!
    I have been thinking about using collage again in my work and you are inspiring me! I love the cut paper feel of your work. It feels playful and humorous, too. Nice!!

  3. It looks like you've got a awesome space for a studio. I'd love a room with that high ceiling. Great to see your new "doodles"!

  4. I love your doodles. They are so cool and different from what you traditionally think of as doodles. Keep rocking on the studio. Someday I'll have a sweet space like yours, with lots and lots of storage :)