Monday, February 28, 2011

Sketchbook Project Opening in Brooklyn

Last Saturday night, I attended the Sketchbook Project opening at the Brooklyn Art Library. Check out those shelves. More than 9800 artists submitted sketchbooks!

Art House Co-op certainly generated a lot of buzz. There was a line out the door when I arrived. And there were lines inside as well for viewing sketchbooks. (If you are a participating artist, be sure to bring your library card.)

Next stop for the sketchbooks is is the Austin Museum of Art. For more tour info check here.


  1. I want to thank you Ann Marie DiVecchia, other co-workers, and your job as artists. your pictures, designs and books give the skill of artistry to any generations of kids. That is wonderful and fantastic. All kids get excited, inspired and fantasized. Children are advanced and imaginative of the present and future times. They need your help,your skills, and your fantasies. The world need more artists. You can make that happen. Thanks to all of you.

    Lazaros Kyrikis

  2. Love it!! I'm not sure where my library card is.... hmmmm.... I hope I didn't mail it back along with my sketchbook. :)

  3. Thank you Lazaros! Your words are much appreciated.

    Not to worry, Michelle. They can look you up, but you just have to wait in an extra line...I think. Or go when it's not so crowded.