Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Studio

This past weekend I went to Ikea and picked up a couple new lamps for my studio.... I needed more light in there, and the arm-lamp thingie attached to my drafting table broke awhile ago, so it was time. The new lamps inspired me to clean clean clean, and do a little rearranging of some items and I thought I'd take a few photos and show you what it looks like. My studio is the 2nd bedroom in my tiny condo, and its kind of cute. As you can see from the pics, I have my big beautiful mac, a desk, a drafting table, my printer, dog toys on the floor, and inspiration and other paperwork all over the wall...hmmm I've got to clean those bulletin boards... Not shown in these pics is a large bookcase filled to the brim, and pretty messy so thats why I'm not showing it, and an armoire filled with art supplies. Oh, and I ordered a new chair, since the one I currently have is old and uncomfortable... I can't wait for the new one to arrive! All in all I like my space, but of course dream of the day when my studio is in a renovated barn in the back yard, with many many cupboards and counter space, skylights and a comfy couch...sigh.... one day.....

My new cactus, also from Ikea. His name is Fluffy. I figured a cactus would be good to have, since the plant I used to have on my desk didn't live too long...mainly because I'd forget to water it.

This is whats on my drafting table - I started sketching a new everyday floral collection for licensing.


  1. Looks good!I find I clean up my studio space as an excuse to not work on my projects. Think I'll do that today...

  2. The cactus name cracked me up! Maybe he'll become a character? Enjoy your studio upgrades!