Monday, February 21, 2011

More graphic design

This past week has been strangely eventful for me, illustration-wise. Especially seeing as how I had to put my illustrating on hold ever since I started taking classes for my graphic design program. A woman contacted me online, interested in hiring me for custom work. She's looking for a cute painting for her family with the members each being different animals. I sadly had to inform her that I am unable to accept any illustration commissions until after my program ends. Fortunately, she was more than happy to wait until after May 14th to work with me. (Hooray!) Then, a friend of mine mentioned that she'd like to commission SIX paintings for her family. I'll also have to give her the May 14th news. We'll see if she wants to wait for me too. When it rains, it pours I guess! Until then, I'll probably just be posting my graphic design projects. Hope no one minds. (It'll all be over soon! Or so I keep telling myself...)

Last time I blogged, I posted the very beginning designs for my marketing folder project. We had to make up a company and design materials for them. Mine is "Good Boy", an eco-friendly dog supply company. Below are the developed spreads for the booklet (also included in this project were a folder design, letterhead, business card, etc) But I won't include those pics right now. Enjoy:


  1. I'm not a dog person, but your layouts make me want to be...

  2. You have really captured the joy of dogs! These will make nice portfolio pieces, Nicole. Congratulations on your commission work!!

  3. Wow! Nicole, that is beautiful design work! Really impressive! The compositions are fantastic! And great photos!