Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Printmaking Time!

Jane's prints are amazing. And I'm so impressed with the work she's been creating, and it looks like SO MUCH fun, that I called her up and asked if she would mind if I pulled a "single white female" and join her in the printmaking class she takes at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She's so sweet that she said "please do!" and now I'm enrolled in the continuing education part of the printmaking courses at NHIA, and our first class was last week. I never took any printmaking classes in college, my only exposure to it was in high school or elementary school art classes, and I'm really excited to be doing this. Since I'm new, I've started with a basic relief print, on linoleum. I sketched it out and started carving in class, and the next day went to the art supply store and bought my OWN speedball tool (yay!) and kept carving at home. At the next class I will try printing with it, and see what happens. I might have to go back and touch up some spots on the linoleum, I might think its the worst thing ever created in the history of the world, or I might think "hey, not terrible, but let's try again" and pick up a fresh piece to start carving. (I'm sure some touch ups will be needed.) It's hard to think backwards and keep in mind that the image will be reversed and that what I'm taking away will not show on paper.... yikes! Maybe I'll try copper next. This is fun :)


  1. First you join SCBWI, now you are taking a class in Manch, I don't even know you anymore. Good for you Vita! The print block is adorable I can't wait to see(have) a print.

  2. See you Friday! Your block looks great!

  3. Can't wait to see the prints!!! Adorable!!!