Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Started

I survived my spring semester! Woo! I have two weeks off before summer classes start and was hoping to refocus some of my energy back onto my illustrations. But now the question looms - where to start? I have so many projects and ideas that were put onto the back burner for so long that I'm not even sure how to begin anymore. Should I finally get around to using my screen printing kits? Should I try my hand at miniature stylized painting? Should I just take a break and hit the museums?
I've been so consumed with graphic design and school that I can barely remember what it's like to choose my own projects. And forget my paintbrushes - I've been living on my Mac in Adobe InDesign.
One week has already passed and I haven't done much other than try to remember how to breathe again. As I'm staring at the blank pages of my sketchbook, they're staring back. Time is limited before I'm back into the whirlwind that is getting degree #2. I suppose I need a smallish project that I can handle. Any suggestions on how to begin again?


  1. Illustration Fridays are the perfect smallish project with zero pressure! :) Can't wait to see what appears on your page !!

  2. I was participating in those for a while. Maybe it's time to start up again...?

  3. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Nicole!!

    Yes, IF would be good! Blog challenges are good, too. You could post a sketch a day for a certain amount of time.

  4. Hey Nicole - I know that feeling. I was stuck with inDesign for 5 months, and my sketchbook and work suffered immensely. IF is a great idea! Working in pen helps me sometimes, because I know it's not erasable and can just let it be. Also, expect some bad stuff to flow out before the good stuff. It's just the rust, all the shiny gold talent is still underneath.