Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Homework is Done!!

Three more days until the conference!

Poster finished and ready for poster contest ... check.
Portfolio updated ... check.
Tearsheets ready to give away (just in case critiquer requests them)... check.
Postcard give-a-ways ready to go ... check.
And finally, homework for Illustrator"s Academy done and done!!

Here are a few more of the completed illustrations for the academy...

While I'm really excited about the conference, I must admit I am sort of looking forward to Sunday night when it's all over. I know I'll enjoy it and learn a lot, but at this stage I am just a ball of nervous energy. I have a difficult time quelling those self-doubts which tell me my work looks amateurish, and that I'm going to embarrass myself in front of everyone. And how am I going to prevent myself from going all "fan-girl" over the people I admire, I ask you?!?

But no matter how things pan out at the conference, I know Sunday night I'll be home again, hugging my girls and snuggling with my husband and a cup of tea in hand.

Then on Monday morning I'll pick up the pencil again and work on my next masterpiece! Life is good.


  1. These are darling, Michelle!! I especially love what is going on in the bottom image. The expressions are so telling and well done!! There is no need to worry. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations Michelle!!!! To have finished ALL those tasks by Wednesday, no less - I'm impressed. The work you're sharing here looks great, you should enjoy a little break before the weekend. (I love the little drawings on the fridge!) I know that feeling of nervous energy - it means you're putting yourself out there and it can only be good. I can't wait to catch up with you on Sunday!

  3. Wow! The hard work is over, now it's time to just enjoy the conference. Looking forward to sharing our impressions of Saturday's offerings! Good Luck on the poster contest!