Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sketchbook Studies

In Gina's previous post, she talked about the evolution of style and materials. I can relate to that, as my earlier work involved a lot of colored pencil, pen and ink with tons of crosshatching---very time-consuming, hand fatiguing stuff. I'm trying to be looser in style, more expressive, and maybe have a little more fun with my characters.
With the NESCBWI conference coming up, I've been playing around with ideas for the poster contest based on the theme, Moments of Change. In preparation, I did some sketches of random kids to work on different expressions and body language.
The following little sketch is the basis for the final design. Can I capture the same expressive quality in the finished poster? That is where the struggle is for me. You can be the judge when I put up the final design in my next post.


  1. Hope you create a poster you are happy with and hope you enjoy the conference! I look forward to catching up with you after.

  2. Your children are just such cuties!! Your poster is going to be great!!