Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope you're all enjoying the Memorial Day weekend! A hugh thank you to those of you who are or have served in our armed services!! You are so appreciated!!

And for those of you who want to start your picnics and BBQs, but needed to get your fix of S.L.C. first ... your wish is my command.

As you've read, the NE-SCBWI Conference was pretty incredible!! (I knew it would be!! Didn't I say it would be?) So rather than bore you with my recap, I'll show you what I've been working on since.

At the conference, I had a portfolio review with Kristen Nobles from Candlewick. She suggested that I add a sense of depth to my illustrations by working in a bit more shadow. Not too much, but a bit more. My illustrations seem a little flat. I have to make those darks dark, and lights light! I love getting specific advice instead of generalities! So much more helpful!! (And I have to mention, not only is she a great critiquer, she is so kind. I completely missed my original appt with her because I lost track of time in Marla Frazee's workshop, and not only did she NOT laugh in my face, she actually let me come back during her lunch and squeeze me in!! How awesome is she!! Yay Kristen!!)

Anyway, I digress ... I'm also experimenting with a softer look. I love Matt Phelan's work; he has such a wonderful way with watercolor (if you haven't read his book "Storm in the Barn" or "Always" I highly recommend both). Sometimes I go a little overboard with bright colors, so I'm trying the less is more approach. A limited palette, softer wash. (Thanks for the inspiration Matt!!)

So, here are some of the sketches applying the above. Hopefully, the old adage practice makes perfect (or at least better) will apply to my work!

Now go on, git, and enjoy that Memorial Day picnic!! (I know of a few homemade pies that have my name all over them!! MmmmmMmmmm!)

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  1. Glad to hear you had such a good portfolio review, Michelle! When they are good they can be such a boost. So happy for you!!